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                                         About Martine Amade'

Martine has been attracted to art since her childhood. She always enjoyed being creative, either drawing, singing or playing guitar and spending endless hours on whatever art form was her current passion.  Over the last 15 years she has been putting her energy into the visual arts, mostly painting. If you wanted to put a tag on her work you would have a hard time to find a definition. What box would she fit into? I think she fits into one that does not have a formal label, but it contains an intense love for the creative process. It contains creating paintings or sculptures and  knows no limitation of materials, subjects, styles, forms, textures, or colors. It is the box that holds the ones that are breaking the trail , figuring out new media, materials or objects to express themselves. If it is not oil, let's do acrylic. Tired of brush then let's go for the palate knife. How about painting with wax or transferring a print? Or hey, why stop in the second dimension? Let's add texture and when that is not enough of a 3D, let's paint on multi levels or a multi dimensional shadow box. Still not enough? How about a hanging sculpture that is integrated into a board. But wait! We got the third dimension going but we can also add color and build up layers. So how can all this be defined and fit into a box?  Now you see why we have eight sub pages under her portfolio (and this is the cut back version)  It always amazes me when I see the intensity she works with,  not resting until she gets the painting (or the "piece" I should say) perfect. Everything is in balance, every stroke, color or highlight in it's place, where it is meant to be. No compromise. It does not matter how long it takes. Doing this all from heart and doing it with joy, this is what is reflected in her art work. I think this is what makes her a true artist and a good teacher. Her love for art is contagious and she has tried just about every painting form, tool, or media there is. What you can see on this website is a snapshot of where she is today. What is next? That is a surprise. One thing I know it will be fresh and exciting, discovering new paths and new possibilities. She will not stop here, she will push her limits, gifting you with beautiful art work that will lift the spirit and make you happy. It makes you wonder and think every time you see it. 

                 Be'la Amade' 
         AmadeArt support staff and husband