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Over the years I have done just about everything related to construction. Building from ground up, carpentry, painitng, masonary, fountains, patios and so on. I can help you with various projects that are too small for a contractor but too big for you. Below is a list of things I can do for you. The list is just to give you some ideas, please ask me about any projects you have in mind.
Masonary Work, Fountains
Interrior and Exterrior Painting
Fences and Patios
Hardwood Floors, Trims
Custom Sheds, Studios
Straight forward, honest
time and material pricing.
$35/hour for any projects.
Windows, doors replacements.
Conservatory. They are popular in colder climate European countries such as England but they are a fantastic option for Colorado as well. No matter if it rains or snows, windy, hot or bugs trying to ruin the evening, conservatories make a year around indoor space that fills like outdoors without the associated inconveniences. If they are placed on a east or south-east facing part they will work even in the winter and can provide heat for the adjacent room.
Shed. One can never have enough storage space. According to statistics 80 percent of homes have garage and only 15% of the owners actually park a car in it.It is not hard to guess why. People have tools, hobbies that need the storage space so their cars end up on the drive way or on the streets. A small but efficiently built shed can solve your storage needs. It is much cheaper and more convenient  to have your own than renting a storage in town.
Fences do not have to be boring. If you want to have a new fence that has a more unique look I can come up with some designs to make it more interesting, artistic while still be functional and long lasting.
Replacing doors and windows. Residential windows last about 15-20 years. New windows can help with your heating or cooling bill, with smoother operation, better sound proofing, leaks etc to name a few. The same thing is true for exterior doors. 
Hardwood floors. If you ever seen a well constructed beautiful hardwood floor and thought "I'd love to have that" you are not alone. They are stunningly beautiful, easy to care for and last a life time. They are much more labor intensive to install than carpet. But they add beauty and value to your home you will always have.


 They are more popular in Europe but they are gaining ground in the US as well. Hot tubs require a lot of maintenance and a lot of electricity or gas ( or both) to run so their actual monthly cost is very high. Saunas in contrast are practically maintenance free, they can be heated up on the as needed bases and be enjoyed with family or friends year around. They can be constructed inside of the home or in the garden as a standalone building. 

Space conversion
Painting. Perhaps the most commonly done in do-it-yourself style maintenance project  by home owners. However a  professionally done paint job can make a world of difference to make your home feel new and clean. It can also extend  the lifetime of siding, trims, doors and windows. I only use highest quality professional paints that last much longer and look better.

Residing a house. 

There is so many times you can repaint a siding, when the time comes the paint will no longer save them. New siding can add a new clean look to your home. There are more fire proof and longer lasting options today.  You do not necessarily have to reside the entire house. Sometimes a south or south-east facing sides that get baked in the Colorado sun that need replacement.