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There is a good reason why I live in the mountains of Colorado. I love them. The first time I saw an "actual" mountain was at age of 16 or 17. It was the Tatra, the highest peaks of the Carpathian range in Europe.  I remember standing on a crowded train with my over sized backpack and not be able to remove my eyes from the peaks. They still had some snow on the top and to me they were the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It was one of those magical moments that changed my life. Well, not right away it was almost 8 years later when  I finally had a chance to truly get to know them. Here in Colorado. I climbed them, I skied them, I photographed them. When it comes to mountains I become a machine. I am just going, going,going  until I summit, its beauty fills me up with energy that I can't seem to exhaust. My family laughingly calls me the energizer bunny after the commercial of the battery making company. If you ever saw the ad it's me all right. If you would like to join me on one of my adventures I am now guiding and I have many backpacking, mountain climbing, biking and bikepacking tours listed on "Air B n' B" Adventures. For a custom trip that is not listed please contact me directly.

In 2013 I started to experiment with bikepacking.  My text editor is marks bikepacking as a typo so the word still did not make it to all the dictionaries. But in the past few year I have seen this new way of mountain travel explode. There was only a few of us experimenting, trying to figure out how to load our gear and still be able to enjoy a ride. By now I bikepacked well over a thousand miles in New Mexico, Colorado, Montana and Canada. I worked out some local routes that I can now happily offer to lead.  I have prepared four  bikes with racks, panniers so I can also take a small group fully outfitted  with everything needed for a real bikepacking adventure.

Kayaks and I have a long history. I was 14 when I lead my first independent multi day  kayak tour on the Danube.  Well, I took my eight grader school  buddy in a borrowed  tandem kayak. We circumnavigated  Szentendre Island. That 80km stretch of river started my kayak  adventures. It did not really come to full fruition till much, much later though. Due to some unexpected company bonus I got heap of money. As wise as I am with investing I bought up a bunch of kayaks and paddles to immerse in this great sport. I started to push my limits and raced, winning several gold in 10,000 meter (6 mi) flat water and silver in  15,000 meter (9 mi) down river races many years in a row.  Our family vacations often ended up on the water somewhere on the oceans of  Hawaii, Canada or Iceland. The  rivers of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming are running through some  beautiful canyons and are close proximity  to home so we frequented them over the years.
I can teach you from basic boat handling to advanced bracing, from relaxed  touring strokes to high power paddling, how to pack your kayak or how to climb back should you ever capsize.
Mountain climbing, backpacking.
My credits include summiting  the highest North American peak Denali in Alaska, scaling Devils Tower in Wyoming and climbing and skiing countless Colorado peaks. Indian Peaks and Rocky Mountain National Park is literally accessible from our backyard, I lead many trips and spent a lot of time in both so I can call myself the local guide with no hesitation.  If you want to summit or have a multi day or week long backpacking experience I can help you make that happen. I can outfit up to 4 people with backpacks, tent, sleeping bags, pads, stove, water purification kit.

Click on the two pictures below to view  two short videos on youtube to get a taste for what is it like to climb and ski summits in Colorado in the spring  

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