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In the today's world where technology has put a camera in everyone's pocket photography may have lost some of it's uniqueness. Weddings are one of the few exceptions where a professionally done portrait a professional recording of the big day's event is still holding up. I would be honored to join you on this life changing event. I can produce very high quality beautiful portraits that can be printed up to 20x30 inches and a short 5-10 minutes 4k UHD film that incorporates video clips of the day's events with candid photos, set up portraits and  all that make up the story of your most important day. My fees are significantly below market price because I do this for the love of photography and art.

Web-ready HD or UHD 4k short films/videos. If you have a business or a service you want to advertise or something unique and expensive to sell I am happy to produce a short web ready film that portrays you or your pursuit at it's best.

Private wedding on a Indian Peaks Wilderness Summit.  If you want to have  a small I mean really small and memorable wedding where it is only you and maybe witnesses I can officiate your wedding after leading you to a summit that is less visited by tourists even on the summer. I can not imagine a more beautiful and more memorable moment on such spectacular spot to say your wows. If you are Colorado residents the legalities are straight forward. If you are from a another state or from a different country the law likely to be different so getting the right papers etc would be your responsibility. 

Portraits. The days when a family ( likely your grandparents) went to a photography studio for a sit down portrait are over.  But maybe not entirely. Whenever I took portrait of people I got this OMG response when they see the results.  They never thought they were so beautiful or handsome, never thought they can actually have an exquisite portrait they will cherish for the rest of their lives. When I work with you I am trying to create a memory that you will have for generations to come. You can have prints 8x10 to 20x30 inches or digital images in various resolutions for web or other purposes.