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Photography is my passion. It has been since age 7 when I got fascinated with my grandmother ancient total manual German camera. I had to borrow a light meter from my uncle to be able to figure out exposure for my black and white negatives. This fascination is still with me today. A day when my camera is dangling around my neck is always a good day. To me photography is seeing the world and people differently, finding their beauty, revealing and recording them at their  best is what I am striving for. Whether I photograph people or nature I find inspiration, I feel that my subjects are reflecting my emotions and my artistic view. Making video has been added to my arsenal in the last couple of years.  Video is complimentary to photography. It uses much of the same compositional skills and understanding of light but it brings more to to the table by adding sound and movement, instead of a single moment it records a time period. I love mixing the two in short movies.

Black and White Photography. It has been always my favorite medium and not just for sentimental reasons. When colors are removed from the image what is left the pure essence of composition, light and shadow an immediate abstraction. Colors have their power and their absence does too.  To me colors have to earn their space on a photograph, when they are needed I use them because they are wonderful, beautiful and rich. They both have their place and can live together. I enjoy the convenience of digital negatives where I do not have to decide whether I should load a color slide or a black and white film.

Monochrome images are similar to black and white where the black is replaced by a single color. I added this image as a transition on this page to the Color section.